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Beta Release Date: Q2, 2010 | Full Release Date: Q4, 2010


Our Multiplayer Engine will keep you from the hassle of implementing your own server and database. Don't worry about server development, don't worry about database development, don't worry about online payment systems, simply choose us to take care of those needs. We offer a complete solution that can directly be plugged into your client software, such as your game. We handle everything from hosting to credit card processing.

Showcase & Example

Our multiplayer networking technology has been successfully integrated and is used for our own games. Please visit for a proof of concept:


WormWare Server/Core Features:

  • User Service to handle user logins, registrations and memberships. The users are stored in our database.
  • Chat Service with multiple chat rooms.
  • Match-Making Service to announce open games that have been created on a remote host client. The service can be queried for the open games list.
  • Game Engine Service to run and execute your very own game server code on the WormWare infrastructure. Create your own turn-based or real-time game engine and use the WormWare system to execute the code. The WormWare API gives you access to user registrations, user memberships, the rating as well as award system.
  • Online Payment System: Integration of PayPal to process credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover) and post payments directly to your PayPal account.
  • Network Services to enable players to host games when they are located behind a router.
    • STUN Server and STUN Client for IP address and port discovery to conduct NAT traversal (STUN = Session Traversal Utilities for NAT).
    • UPnP to configure routers and networks (UPnP = Universal Plug and Play).
  • Avatar Generator: Customize your user's profiles by allowing them to generate a custom avatar image. See Noble Avatar for example.
  • Rating and Ranking System: We have a multiplayer ELO-based rating and ranking system available for integration into the server.
  • Award System: A customizable award system to award player points. Example awards include "Tournaments Won", "Trophies Won", "Games Won" etc.
  • Signature System: Display player awards and ratings in a customizable game sig service with image output for integration into forums and more.
  • Competitions: Our pre-programmed competition module allows setup of leagues, tournaments and ladders independent of your game engine code written.
  • Clan System: A clan system enables players to coordinate their endeavors.
  • Cheat Detection: Our cheat detection system allows tracking of users that try to cheat in your game via access logs.

WormWare Client API:

  • HTTP JSON API (supported by all programming languages)
  • Java API (Java SE, Android)
  • C/C++ API
  • Objective C API (iPhone, Mac OS X)


The standalone versions for download and installation on your own infrastructure.

  • Single Server License: $250'000
  • Multi Server License: depending on your needs, please inquire

Please refer to our Services section for a list of our online products.


Please email us at to inquire and order our products.