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Beta Release Date: Q2, 2010 | Full Release Date: Q4, 2010


The Multiplayer Engine (WormWare) is an industry leading network software product for cross-platform multiplayer and online computer game development. The Multiplayer Engine offers a complete solution that can directly be plugged into your client software, such as your game. The engine handles everything from user registration and game management to to credit card processing.

The Multiplayer Engine is owned and operated by Noble Master Games and is also used for their online gaming products. The engine has successfully been integrated into Age of Conquest and World Empires Live.

Release Information

We are planning to release a first beta version of the Multiplayer Engine in Q2 2010 with a full release planned in Q4 2010.

Contact us early if you are interest in our product so we can include you in our beta-testing phase. Please email us at if you would like to participate or inquire about our product.

News & Updates

  • October 31, 2009 - Website opens.